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Three balls are packaged in a cylindrical container

2/21/18, 11:36 AMAplia: Student Question

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5. Using Podcasts, Wikis, and Blogs for Business

The Web 2.0 revolution has changed the way businesses communicate with consumers and within their own organizations. Podcasts, wikis, and blogs

can be used to build reputations, communicate with customers to increase visibility, and streamline internal communication processes.

Businesses have embraced podcasting to broadcast that doesn’t require interaction. For example, some companies

use podcasts to broadcast HR policies that can be accessed on demand.

What benefits do wikis provide to companies?

For what purposes do companies use blogs? Check all that apply.

Consider the following scenario, and then answer the question.

You work on the marketing team for a software development company. You have sales representatives in different locations around the

globe. When a product update is released, your team holds teleconferences to demo new features. Due to time differences, these demos

are difficult to schedule and usually require multiple demo sessions to accommodate different geographic regions. You want to

streamline the new product demos and decide to recommend electronic communication tools to help facilitate this.

Which electronic communication tool would you recommend?

Read the scenario, and then answer the question.

Wikis are useful for communicating with the public during crisis situations.

Wikis facilitate collaboration across distances and time zones.

Wikis build a strong customer base.

Online community building



A podcast

A wiki

2/21/18, 11:36 AMAplia: Student Question

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Dane recently landed a job with a PR consulting firm. The firm uses wikis to manage projects and share resources. Dane has never

contributed to wikis before.

What tips should Dane follow to be a valuable wiki contributor? Check all that apply.

Remember that all comments can be viewed by all readers.

Spelling and grammar don’t matter.

Rules don’t apply. Post as desired.

Verify all facts.

Show respect and be aware of improper or ambiguous language.


Get Coursework Help In Your Essays, Assignments, Homeworks, Dissertation, Thesis Or Coursework

Professional And Experienced Writers - 24/7 Online Support

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