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The cask of amontillado annotations


The Role of Questions in Solving Crimes 6

The Role of Questions in Solving Crimes

Michael D Sheppard

Prof. Jon Hager

11 March 2020

The Role of Questions in Solving Crimes


It appears like something out of a horror movie when you get to your car and see your tires slashed. It is not only scary but also inconvenient because it is costly to replace tires, especially when it is all four. Most people wonder what to do when they find their tires slashed. However, this crime is an easy way of acquiring revenge or random vandalism without leaving much evidence. Therefore, the questions below will assist you in determining what to do after someone has slashed your tires.

1. Why do people slash tires?

Slashing tires is a way of obtaining revenge without leaving much evidence. However, most people would consider it cowardice because the individuals doing it are angry at the victim but do not dare to face them. The theory of social deviance can also be used to explain this act of vandalism. Tire slashing is considered a deviant behavior because these people are inept at life and only want to violate social norms. They are incapable of doing anything meaningful with their lives, and so they destroy things to make their presence felt. The more psychological evaluation should be done to determine why people slash tires.

2. How can you tell if someone slashed your tires with a knife?

There are numerous varieties of knives, but the most commonly used to slash tires are the lock blade pocket knives and the chef knife. Arguably, these two types of knives are not double-edged. Therefore, they leave diamond-shaped holes, which leave the puncture in an acute-triangle.

3. How can you determine if the tire has been intentionally damaged or it is an ordinary blowout?

Tires that have been blown out are ragged and uneven. If the tire has been messed with, it is easy to see the even cut marks. Forensically, the pocketknives leave distinctive marks that can be proven. The knives are standard and leave a deliberate incident. Individuals can find out more about this question by contacting an experienced tire retailer. If the technician believes the tire has been tampered with, then you should file a police report.

4. What should you do when your car tires are slashed?

Most people assume slashing tires is just another inept criminal damaging their property and end up fixing them. However, you should talk to your neighbors to determine if it's a common occurrence and if they have seen the culprit. Often, the individuals who do this are people you know. Even if you recognize the individual, the police cannot deal with the issue without evidence of the crime. Therefore, search for camera footage around your area or catch them in the act.

5. How serious of a crime is it to slash tires?

Slashing people's tires is a simple crime of destruction of property. Most people found guilty of this misdemeanor vandalism only have to pay fines and then released on probation (Jones, 2019).

6. Can you face jail time for slashing tires?

The amount of jail time relies on the value of the damaged vehicle. In some countries, the punishment for the destruction of tires worth over $1000 is about five years in prison. If the tires are less than that value, the accused can face up to a year in jail. New answers to this question can be obtained by contacting criminal defense attorneys (Banner, 2019).

7. Is it a crime to pay someone to slash other individuals' tires for you?

I believe it is a crime, but details will differ depending on the law systems. In the United States, for instance, a contract formulated that includes an illegal activity is not enforceable (Gambardello, 2019). For example, when someone slashes tires on your behalf, and you refuse to pay them, there is no legal recourse that can hold you to the agreement. Nonetheless, when you pay them for their service, it will incriminate you.

8. Can you file a claim after your tires are slashed?

If your car is intentionally damaged by slashing the tires, you must file a personal injury claim to cover the damage. The best way to do so is to initially register a police report within 24 hours and then contact a professional injury attorney to assess the damage (Gambardello, 2019). You can take pictures and video footage of the vandalism for additional evidence.

9. Why do criminals only slash three tires?

Criminals only slash three tires because the insurance companies are forced to pay when all four are cut (Gambardello, 2019). When only three are slashed, the owners have to pay out of their own pockets. Most victims are not familiar with this information. Therefore, they must conduct sufficient research within their states before contacting their insurance provider.

10. How can you prevent individuals from slashing your tires?

It is not easy to prevent others from slashing your tires, mostly because you park it outside or reside in a criminal-infested neighborhood. To prevent your tires from being cut in the future, find a secure and well-lit parking space. Secondly, you can install security cameras and motion sensors lighting around the house. Lastly, you can establish a neighborhood crime watch.


There are many reasons why individuals break the law. Some of the reasons include the opportunity, being in the right place at the right time, jealousy, or it can be just plain ole’ boredom. Regardless of the reason, there are a few crime theories as to why offences still occur. Byrne and Hummer, 2016 suggest four different types of crime theories, which are classically, biologically, psychologically, and sociologically based. Classically based criminologist is when an individual makes a conscious choice in committing crime based on the cost and benefits of the individual(s) (Byrne & Hummer, 2016). Biologically based criminologists is when inherited traits increase the occurrences of committing a crime because other family members committed crimes (Byrne & Hummer. For example, if the individual(s) saw family member slashing tires out of anger, they may do it as well out of anger. Psychologically based criminologists explain criminal behavior as a negative circumstance(s) in the individual’s youth that brought on a criminal thinking mindset. For example, if the individual(s) feels like there is no one in their corners, as an adolescent, they then may show out to attain attention and associate bad behavior with getting attention and will continue it as an adult. The last theory is sociologically based criminologists. Within this theory level, individuals feel conflicted to doing criminal activities because of factors that they feel constricted them from succeeding in life and look towards violence and criminal activities as a last resort and only result of succeeding in life Byrne &Hummer, 2016).


Banner, G. (2019, May 24). Arrest made in Gravenhurst tire slashing of 9 vehicles parked near bar. Byrne, J., & Hummer, D. (2016). An Examination of the Impact of Criminological Theory on Community Corrections Practice. In Retrieve from Gambardello, J. (2019). Police seek trio in tire slashing spree in West philadelphia. Philadelphia: Tribune Content Agency. Jones, R. (2019, November 8). Crooks ruin 'more than 50 cars' in tyre slashing spree.

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