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How to tell a true war story discussion questions

The prediction describes the specific data that you expect to observe IF your hypothesis is

supported. A prediction is written as an “if, then” statement and must include both the

independent and dependent variables.

If (independent variable) is related to (dependent variable), then (prediction of what will

be observed in the experiment).

[Example- If fertilizer increases Zea mays growth rate, then the plants that receive

fertilizer will grow taller than the plants that do not receive fertilizer.]

7. Write your prediction below.

If distilled water increases Raphanus sativus germination percentage then the seeds

placed in a distilled water will have a higher percentage of seeds germinated over the

course of one week than seeds placed in area with diluted.

Step 5: Design your experiment: Now you need to plan the specifics of your experiment. It is very important that you control all

of the variables which are not being tested in your experiment and that you are including a

control treatment and replication. Remember, you already came up with your independent and

your dependent variables. Please ask instructor if you need help here!

Control / Control Treatment. Your control is a natural condition, normal condition, or zero added condition that you are

testing for a comparison to your experimental condition. You will have at least 2 germination

containers in your control treatment.

8. What is your control treatment?Experimental variables / treatments

9. Raphanus sativus placed in distilled water

These are the conditions that are different than normal and that you are including in order to

test your hypothesis. You must have at least one experimental treatment but you are allowed

to include up to three if you have enough seeds and germination containers. Remember – you

need to include at least 2 germination containers is each treatment.

10. What is your experimental treatment or treatments?

Raphanus sativus placed in diluted vinegar

Controlled Variables This is an essential part of every experimental plan. You need to think about all the other things

that are not related to your central question but that might affect your data.

[In the example of the corn plant growth experiment, the researcher is asking about the

effects of added fertilizer. Some controlled variables would include the amount of water,

sunlight, soil texture, and temperature.]

11. List at least three different controlled variables for your experiment. You should list as

many as you can!

Temperature, amount of sunlight, same location

2 germination containers in each treatment, 4 in total


Replication. Another vital aspect to any experiment is replication. You need reproducible results. The

minimum requirements for replication for this experiment has already been described for you

on preceding pages. Use this section to review the replication for this lab.

12. How many germination containers will you use in each treatment?

10 radish seeds

13. How many seeds will you place in each container?

Some other things to consider:

Details of your plan Take some time to review the past pages and make a final plan on how your experiments will

work. In this section, I want all the details. Specific locations in your house, specific amounts of

water, specific temperatures, light amounts, amounts of anything you are adding (if this applies

to you) etc.

14. Write your detailed experimental plan here:

I will do the experiment outside of my guest room window, it recvives the best light in the

house. I will get two germination containers. I will label the containers. 2 for the control

treatment and 2 for the experimental treatment. I will start with the control treatment.I will

place 10 radish seeds in two Ziploc baggies with paper towels soaked in distilled water. I will

give the seeds 5 hours of sunlight each day. I would keep the seeds in room tempture at 72

degrees fahrenheit. I will consistently take notes over the course of a week. Finally, after a

week I will calculate the number of seeds germinated ot of 10 seeds for both the control and

experiement groups and calculate the percentage.

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